Writecream Review: The Best AI Copywriting Tool 2023?

Is AI the new age of content creation? Early fears of AI writers replacing traditional copywriters have subsided. The burning question now is: How reliable and efficient are these tools, especially for long-form content? Dive into our hands-on review of Writecream, 2023’s spotlight AI writing and copywriting tool.

We navigate its user interface, testing all the tools first-hand—from its GPT-3 powered long-form content generation to its dynamic plagiarism checker, SEO tools, and beyond.

We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Writecream’s strengths and limitations.

Spoiler Alert: We love this AI copywriting tool!

By the end, you’ll discern how Writecream distinguishes itself in the AI-driven content landscape.


  • Writecream’s generative pre-trained transformer 3 (GPT-3) for content generation
  • Getting around the Writecream user interface
  • The Lifetime Deal on App Sumo
  • Break down of Writecream’s pricing plans
  • Writecream use cases and real-world examples
  • Pros and cons of using the tool from first-hand experience
  • Comparison of Writecream to alternative AI tools and determine its impact on your content creation process
  • FAQs will address common inquiries about Writecream’s capabilities and limitations

What is Writecream and Its Core Function?

Writecream is a cutting-edge AI-powered writing assistant that revolutionizes content creation across various domains. Its core function revolves around generating high-quality written content efficiently and effectively for a variety of purposes.

With the power of advanced AI technology, Writecream aims to assist content curators, advertisers, copywriters, marketing agencies, and anyone seeking well-crafted text for their marketing campaign, social media posts, content, blog articles, or online presence.

AI-Powered Content Generation

Much like ChatGPT, Jasper, and other popular AI writing tools, Writecream harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) model, a state-of-the-art language prediction model developed by OpenAI.

This technology is trained on a staggering 175 billion parameters, enabling Writecream to comprehend prompts and generate text that’s coherent, contextually relevant, and diverse in style.

Writecream's AI Article Writer
Writecream Review: A Screenshot of Writecream’s AI Article Writer

How Does Writecream Work?

You’ll find various tools in Writecream’s interface tailored to address different writing and ideation tasks. These tools range from the “ChatGenie,” a live AI assistant adept at handling diverse writing requests, to the plagiarism checker, social media, script writing, and copywriting tools, plus the streamlined “Article Writer,” offering a one-click solution to generate complete articles. Writecream’s capabilities span across categories like Email, Copywriting, Social Media, and SEO, each designed to cater to specific content needs.

So, how does Writecream work? Writecream leverages the power of cutting-edge AI technology and advanced algorithms, specifically the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), to offer a comprehensive suite of novel writing tools that elevate the content creation process. GPT-3, with its impressive language prediction capabilities trained on a massive 175 billion parameters, forms the foundation of Writecream’s AI-driven functionalities.

To harness Writecream’s creative writing capabilities, follow these steps:

Choose a Tool

Navigate through the tools displayed in the interface. Select the tool that aligns with your content requirements.

Enter Prompt or Input

Provide the tool with a prompt or input related to your content topic. This could be as simple as a sentence or a description of what you need.

Generate Content 

Once you’ve entered the input, click the “Create” button associated with the tool. Writecream’s AI processes the input using GPT-3 and generates relevant content.

Review and Edit

The generated content will appear on your screen. Review it for coherence, relevance, and accuracy. You can make edits as needed to ensure the output matches your vision.

Export or Use 

Once satisfied, you can export the generated content or use it directly in your projects, whether it’s a blog post, a personalized message for an email, a social media caption, or other writing tasks.

Writecream’s intuitive interface, detailed video tutorials, and step-by-step approach make it user-friendly, even for those new to AI-assisted writing. You can find more video tutorials on the Writecream YouTube channel if you need them, but the tools are categorized for easy navigation, and the prompts you provide act as guidelines for the AI, ensuring that all the generated outputs and content align with your needs, so everything is pretty self-explanatory; just start giving it prompts and you’ll get the hand of it.

Writecream Dashboard
Writecream Review: A Screenshot of Writecream’s Dashboard

Writecream User Interface: Enhancing Creative Writing with Intuitive Design

Navigating the world of AI-driven creative content creation is made remarkably easy with Writecream’s thoughtfully designed user interface. Upon landing on the platform, you’ll encounter an engaging and vibrant layout that makes your creative writing tasks efficient and enjoyable.

Centralized Tool Cards

In the heart of the interface lies a collection of square cards, each adorned with a colorful icon representing a distinct writing tool. These tools encompass a diverse spectrum of writing needs, ranging from generating blog ideas for your blog article to crafting compelling SEO meta descriptions. The cards are neatly organized, and while a portion is immediately visible, you can easily explore further by scrolling or using the user-friendly navigation section.

Intuitive Navigation

At the top of the interface, a streamlined navigation bar allows you to explore Writecream’s tools categorically. Whether you’re focused on Email, Copywriting, Social Media, SEO, or other specific needs, this navigation bar ensures quick access to tools tailored to your content requirements.

Effortless Tool Selection

The user interface makes it effortless to select a tool suited to your needs. Clicking on a card or navigating through the categories seamlessly guides you to the tool of your choice.

Step-by-Step Process

Upon selecting a tool, the user interface provides a clear and structured process. Whether it’s generating blog articles, creating an outline, or crafting a social media caption, the interface guides you through the necessary steps with clarity and then allows you to check it with the plagiarism checker to ensure that there is no duplicate content.

Side Navigation for Main Tools

To the left of the interface, a convenient side navigation section showcases a couple of Writecream’s key tools, including the “ChatGenie” and “Article Writer.” This ensures easy access to these primary tools, allowing you to swiftly initiate your content creation journey.

Writecream's AI Article Writer
Writecream Review: A Screenshot of Writecream’s AI Article Writer

Writecream Features and Use Cases: Writecream is Not Just for Blog Articles

In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at Writecream’s features and its practical applications across various domains. From voiceovers to well-thought-out tools for marketing agencies, we’ll analyze how Writecream can effectively enhance your processes and then share some screenshots of some of our favorite tools with you!

Writecream Copywriting Tools and Long-form Editor:

Unleash the power of Writecream’s AI-driven tools like ChatGenie, Article Writer, and more to seamlessly generate captivating content, while the Long-form Editor empowers you to craft, refine, and edit extensive articles effortlessly, revolutionizing your content creation process.

  • ChatGenie: Your live AI writer is designed for creative tasks. Craft captivating content effortlessly as ChatGenie intelligently generates text that suits your style.
  • Article Writer: Effortless long-form content creation with a single click with the instant article writer. Let the AI do the heavy lifting, transforming your ideas into comprehensive articles.
  • Paragraph Generator: Transform topics into insightful paragraphs instantly. Generate informative content with ease using this dynamic tool.
  • Blog Intro: Ignite reader curiosity and interest with captivating introductions that set the tone for your blog, drawing them into your content’s compelling narrative.
  • Blog Conclusion: Wrap up your blog with finesse, leaving readers with a lasting impression and a clear sense of closure, ensuring your message resonates.
  • Blog Outline: The Blog Outline tool will lay the foundation for a structured and organized blog with a meticulously crafted outline, guiding your content creation process and ensuring a coherent flow of ideas.
  • Command Mode: Take charge of content creation—direct AI interactions to craft tailored, on-point text that aligns with your vision.
  • Brand / Descriptions: Craft captivating brand and engaging descriptions for your products. Leave a lasting impression with compelling content that resonates.
  • E-commerce Descriptions: Create irresistible e-commerce product descriptions. Elevate your online store with engaging content that drives sales.
  • Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting: Master the art of persuasion using the PAS technique—present product benefits in a compelling sequence.
  • Value Proposition: Showcase unique benefits for impactful product positioning. Craft persuasive content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Before-After-Bridge Copywriting: Transform your descriptions with a fresh perspective. Engage readers by showcasing the transformation your product offers.
  • Feature to Benefit: Emphasize product benefits over features. Create content that resonates with customers’ needs and desires.
  • Engaging Social Posts: Ignite social media engagement with captivating content. Craft posts that captivate and drive conversations.
  • Blog Heading Expander: Elevate blog headlines from one-liners to attention-grabbing statements. Spark curiosity with expanded headings.
  • Compelling Bullet Points: Succinctly highlight features and benefits. Create impactful, easily digestible content that resonates with readers.
Writecream's SEO Meta Description Tool
Writecream Review: A Screenshot of Writecream’s SEO Meta Description Tool

Writecream SEO Tools

Boost your online presence with Writecream’s SEO tools, crafting compelling meta descriptions, expert Google ad copies, and strategic YouTube video topic ideas that enhance visibility, engagement, and audience reach.

  • SEO Meta Descriptions: Elevate site visibility by crafting compelling meta descriptions that attract clicks and engagement.
  • Google Ad Copy: Drive conversions with expertly generated ad copies tailored for effective Google campaigns.
  • YouTube Video Topic Ideas: Boost your YouTube presence with strategic topic ideas that enhance ranking and audience engagement.
  • Long Form Editor: Seamlessly create, refine, and edit extensive content with the intuitive long-form editor.
  • Summarizer: Transform lengthy content into concise, informative summaries, condensing key points for easy comprehension.
Writecream Social Media Post Generator
Writecream Review: A Screenshot of Writecream’s Social Media Post Generator

Writecream Social Media Tools

Elevate your social media game with Writecream’s social media tools, generating engaging content, captivating captions, and effective ad copies tailored for platforms like Facebook and Instagram, all designed to foster connections and drive active audience engagement.

  • Social Media Posts: Generate social media content seamlessly and share your expertise on diverse platforms, using engaging content that builds connections and fosters engagement with your audience.
  • Engaging Social Posts: Ignite your writing process by producing captivating content that not only resonates but also compels your audience to engage actively.
  • Social Media Post Captions: Elevate your social media presence with meticulously crafted captions designed to amplify the impact of your posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Facebook Ad Copy: Master the art of crafting compelling ad headlines and text that not only capture attention but also drive conversions, making your Facebook ads highly effective.
  • Instagram Captions: Infuse your Instagram posts with captivating captions that serve as a storytelling tool, effectively enhancing the visual content and engaging your audience on a deeper level.
Writecream Image Generator
Writecream Review: A Screenshot of Writecream’s Image Generator

Image Generation

Writecream also offers an image generator for generating all types of images. This makes it convenient because you don’t have to leave and go to another platform to generate an image for your blog articles if you’re writing something that requires images. You can generate blog articles and then generate your image for it right there on Writecream.

Writecream's Social Media Post Generator
Writecream Review: A Screenshot of Writecream’s Social Media Post Generator

Writecream’s Voiceover Tool

Writecream also has a Voice Over Tool capable of turning text into different voices for voiceovers, so if you need voiceovers for a video, blog intro whiteboard video, or script, they’ve got you covered. The voices aren’t that great, but they’ll work for basic tasks.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Writecream: Is It the Ultimate AI Writer Tool?

Writecream has its pros and cons when compared to other AI writers, just like anything else, but if you’re a writer, an author, a campaign manager, an affiliate marketer, or anyone else who deals with automated content ideas daily, Writecream can make your life 100x easier.

The user interface is simple to navigate and self-explanatory, and it has a TON of convenient functionalities that all seem to do what they say they do. Here, we break down all the features, pros, and cons to help you determine whether Writecream aligns with your content creation needs.

Advantages of Using Writecream:

  • Diverse Tools Beyond Text: Unlike many other AI tools, Writecream offers an array of unique features, including audio icebreakers, voiceovers, e-commerce product descriptions, and more. This versatility expands its capabilities beyond conventional text generation, providing tools for various content creation needs.
  • Personalized Cold Emails: Writecream simplifies the process of generating personalized cold emails by utilizing website and LinkedIn profile URLs. This feature enhances outreach efforts and streamlines communication.
  • Impressive Chat Genie Tool: Writecream’s ChatGenie tool proves powerful in generating engaging and compelling content. While it may not replicate the conversational abilities of ChatGPT, it handles a wide range of queries effectively, making it valuable for creative writing tasks.
  • Language Diversity: With support for over 75 Writecream support languages, including regional Indian languages like Hindi, Writecream accommodates a global audience, allowing content creators to connect with diverse readers.
  • Lifetime Deal on AppSumo: Writecream’s lifetime deal available on AppSumo presents an enticing opportunity. Priced at $59, the deal grants access to a substantial credit limit and an array of AI tools, making it a cost-effective option for content creators.
  • Innovative AI Image Generator: Writecream’s AI Image Generator stands out, seamlessly transforming textual prompts into captivating images. This adds a visual dimension to written content creation, making it engaging and eye-catching.

Disadvantages of Using Writecream:

  • Limited Monthly Credits: Users on the monthly lifetime plans might find their credit allocation limiting, potentially impacting extensive content generation needs.
  • Output Quality Variability: While utilizing GPT-3, Writecream’s output quality can be inconsistent across use cases. Some fine-tuning may be necessary to achieve desired results.
  • Lack of Customization: Writecream’s customization options are somewhat limited. The inability to choose the point of view or tone for various tools might restrict creative flexibility.
  • Outdated User Interface: The user interface of Writecream is considered outdated and lacking in modern design aesthetics, potentially affecting user experience.
  • Tone Settings Absence: While Writecream offers options to adjust the tone in the long-form editor, the tool lacks tone settings in other contexts, which could limit conveying specific emotions.

Writecream Pricing: Discover the Perfect Plan for Your Needs

When it comes to unlocking the true potential of your book writing with Writecream, we offer pricing plans tailored to suit your content creation requirements. Each plan delivers exceptional value and empowers you to take your creative book writing to new heights.

Free Plan: A Taste of What’s Possible

When you sign up for an account on Writecream, you are given 20 credits to use for content generation. The credits are good for the long-form editor, image generator, SEO tools, or any other tool you want to use in your dashboard. Sign up for your free account today and check out the numerous benefits of Writecream AI writer tool today!

Features of the Free Plan:

  • 20 Credits (about 40,000 characters)
  • 2 long articles (5,000 words each)
  • 4 short articles (1,000 words each)
  • 20 icebreakers
  • 4 podcasts
  • 4 video voice-overs
  • Access to all content templates
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to new features
  • AI Copywriter Community
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Price: Free

Standard Plan

The Standard plan is perfect for those of you who may want to take Writecream on a test run to experience its capabilities, but who aren’t quite ready to make a commitment yet, or those of you who only write part-time or for your own websites. Considering the fact that most brands publish content about once a week, 200 credits is more than enough to deck out 2-3 websites with fresh content while you get a feel for everything Writecream has to offer!

Features of the Standard Plan

  • 200 Credits (about 400,000 characters)
  • 20 long articles (5,000 words each)
  • 40 short articles (1,000 words each)
  • 200 icebreakers
  • 40 podcasts
  • 40 voice-overs
  • Accrecontent templates
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to new features
  • AI Copywriter Community
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Price: $49/month

Extended Plan

If you work with content online for a living but you don’t want to get the lifetime deal just yet, the extended plan will give you enough credits to test out Writecream without your balance leering over you all month. With 750 credits, you will be able to generate a TON of content for your website(s) or clients and have plenty of time to make certain that Writecream is the AI writing tool for you!

  • 750 Credits (about 1,500,000 characters)
  • 75 long articles (5,000 words each)
  • 150 short articles (1,000 words each)
  • 750 icebreakers
  • 150 podcasts
  • 150 video voice-overs
  • Access to all content templates
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to new features
  • AI Copywriter Community
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Price: $69/month

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan is perfect for content creators, copywriters, social media account managers, SEO campaign managers, and anyone else who deals with a lot of content. If you want to have the creative freedom your job demands without limitations, the unlimited plan is the plan for you!

Features of the Unlimited Plan:

  • Unlimited Credits (Generate UNLIMITED words)
  • Unlimited long articles
  • Unlimited short articles
  • Unlimited podcasts
  • Unlimited video voice-overs
  • Access to all content templates
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to all new features
  • AI Copywriter Community
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Price: $29/month
Writecream's Lifetime Deal Features
In-depth Writecream Review – A Screenshot of Writecream’s Lifetime Deal Features from AppSumo

Lifetime Deal

Are you tired of spending endless hours crafting content? Writecream has a deal called the Lifetime Deal that’s meant to end mundane script writing and tasks and give hello to automatically writing content without paying for a subscription. We recommend this plan for you if you write or manage content daily.

  • 40+ Tools: Choose from a rich arsenal of tools to refine your outreach and SEO strategies effortlessly.
  • Supercharge Your Writing: With Writecream, you’re equipped to enhance your writing style, refine grammar, and improve readability—all with the power of AI. Watch as your content comes to life effortlessly, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters.
  • AI-Powered Writing: Craft articles, emails, and more with AI assistance, saving you time and effort.
  • Automated Marketing: Elevate your marketing game with Writecream’s advanced tools for digital ads, social, and beyond.
  • Custom Creations: Tailor your creative written content with personalized cold emails, LinkedIn outreach, and more, all at your fingertips.
  • Voiceover Magic: Transform text into engaging podcasts and voiceovers using a variety of voices and languages.

Writecream’s Refund Policy

At Writecream, your satisfaction is paramount, and the platform’s commitment to delivering written content of exceptional value is underscored by its customer-friendly refund policy. When you embark on your content creation journey with the AI writing assistant at Writecream, you do so with the assurance that your investment is protected.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Writecream extends a standard 30-day money-back guarantee, providing you with ample time to explore and evaluate the capabilities of its AI tools. This generous window empowers you to thoroughly test the waters, ensuring the tools align seamlessly with your content creation needs.

Writecream Review: Final Thoughts

We hope you found our Writecream review informative and helpful. As we discussed all the features, benefits, and user experiences with Writecream, it is clear that this product offers a valuable solution for writers looking to enhance their writing skills and productivity. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Writecream has earned a positive reputation among writers of all levels.

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