Sunsama Review Best Productivity Tool

Sunsama Review: Can It Boost Your Productivity?

Let’s be honest: unlocking peak productivity when you’re under the wire and juggling all the tasks and responsibilities demands a tactful approach. You can’t afford a miss.

Meet Sunsama, the ultimate productivity toolkit that has redefined how we manage tasks, streamline our work, and eventually achieve mastery in productivity.

With its sleek Kanban-style interface and extensive suite of robust functionalities, Sunsama is one of the best task management applications we’ve tried out to date. With the internet saturated in task management solutions, Sunsama’s simple and intuitive approach could be just the tool you’ve been looking for to organize, track, and maximize your productivity.

Keep reading to meet your new project management and productivity BFF!


  • Sunsama is a comprehensive productivity platform that seamlessly integrates task management, scheduling, and communication.
  • Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it accessible even to those with no experience in project management software.
  • Sunsama offers powerful capabilities such as task classification, streamlined reporting, and seamless integration with popular apps like Google Calendar and Gmail.
  • Customization options allow users to tailor their workflow to their preferences, while analytics provide insights for improved decision-making.
  • While Sunsama offers robust features, it requires an internet connection, lacks a free tier, and has somewhat limited mobile application features.

What is Sunsama and How Can it Help Me?

Sunsama, an ingenious productivity powerhouse, seamlessly merges tasks, calendar scheduling, and seamless communication into a cohesive platform. It is engineered to empower individuals and teams with precision organization and unwavering focus on their core objectives.

The Sunsama dashboard is perfectly laid out to add tasks, a calendar view, set schedules, integrate with popular tools like Notion, Google, and Outlook calendars, and more, allowing you to take control and manage your multiple projects just like a pro.

Let’s look at the Sunsama features:

Sunsama Review: Screenshot of Sunsama’s Dashboard

Follow the Prompts: A Glimpse of Sunsama’s Features

Sunsama emerges as a beacon of focus in the relentless pursuit of work-life balance for busy professionals. A digital daily planner designed to bring calmness and concentration to your hectic schedule means they have people down to a science. Who doesn’t want to have full control over their time, right?

What took us is the fact that the user experience is so intuitive and well-thought-out that it makes it easy for people with no experience with project management software to get in, create tasks, integrate their favorite apps, and get organized.

Sunsama’s Key Features

  • Streamlined Project Reporting and Project Tracking: The Sunsama productivity app does more than just catalog tasks; it captures the very essence of your workflow. With weekly reports detailing task completion times, it’s your productivity diary. Use project reporting and project tracking to fine-tune your schedules until you get full control of your time.
  • Task Classification Mastery: Sunsama’s channels and categories transform task classification into art. Unveil your most productive self while identifying time sinks with ease.
  • Popular Integration: Sunsama bridges the gap between your existing tools. Seamless integration with platforms like Todoist, ClickUp, and Gmail ensures no task goes unnoticed.
  • Calendar and Task Union: Sunsama’s dashboard seamlessly merges calendar and task views. The days of tedious toggling between Google Calendar and task lists are over.
  • Effortless Prioritization: With Sunsama, prioritization is instinctual. Drag-and-drop functionality transforms planning into an intuitive art, amplifying your productivity.

Sunsama Hands-on Review: How to Make, Label, and Manage a Task List

Follow us step-by-step through the process of creating, labeling, and managing a task list using Sunsama. From setting up your account to mastering task organization, you’ll discover the power of Sunsama’s features.

Step 1: Sign Up and Log In

Open your web browser and navigate to the Sunsama website.

Click the “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button to create a new account.

Provide your email address, create a strong password, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

Once registered, log in to your Sunsama account.

Sunsama's Add a Task Feature
Sunsama Review: Screenshot of Sunsama’s Add a Task Feature

Step 2: Explore the Dashboard

After logging in, the first few screens will look barren. They do it this way to make it simple for everyone, but just hang tight. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout, click the button, and follow the short, easy-to-understand prompts to enter your tasks.

Sunsama Review: Screenshot of Sunsama’s Create a Task

Step 3: Add a New Task

Click on the taskbar in the middle (above) to add a task.

Click on it again to expand the add a task box to edit the task more clearly. (below)

Sunsama's Create a Task Expanded Card View
Sunsama Review: Screenshot of Sunsama’s Create a Task Expanded Card View

Input the necessary information, such as the task name, description, and due date. Pay attention to the #tags, which you can use to categorize your tasks (more below), and the time tracking feature. (below in the picture)

Step 4: Add Labels to Tasks

As you create tasks, you’ll notice the option to add labels or tags in the top-hand corner of the expanded add a task box. (above) Labels help categorize and organize tasks. Click on the “Add Label” option and enter a relevant label name. As you can see in the picture above, we’ve created a “creative” category and a “kids” category. This will help by allowing me to see in reports where my time is going and tweak my time management skills from there. Assign labels to tasks to establish a structured approach to your workflow.

Sunsama Screenshot of How to Setup Labels for Tasks
Sunsama Review: Screenshot of How to Setup Labels for Tasks

Step 5: Manage Task Prioritization

Utilize Sunsama’s drag-and-drop functionality to rearrange tasks based on priority. Simply click on a task and drag it to a different position within your task list.

Step 6: Collaborate and Share Tasks

For team collaboration, share tasks with team members. Click on a task, and you’ll find options to share it with collaborators. Collaborators will receive real-time updates and shared timelines, streamlining communication.

Step 7: Sync Tasks with Google and Outlook Calendars

Sunsama seamlessly integrates with popular calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook. Tasks with due dates will automatically appear in your synced-up calendar app, providing a comprehensive view of your commitments.

Step 8: Customize Your Workflow

Explore Sunsama’s additional features, such as customizable task templates and options to tailor the platform to your unique style. Use these features to structure your workflow further and enhance productivity.

Step 9: Access Sunsama on Mobile

Download the Sunsama mobile productivity app from your app store (available for iOS and Android). Log in using your account credentials. Access your tasks, schedules, and collaborations on the go.

Step 10: Stay Informed with Analytics and Insights

Take advantage of Sunsama’s analytics to gain insights into your productivity patterns. Explore data-driven graphs and reports to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Step 11: Reach Out for Support

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Sunsama’s customer support. The responsive support team is dedicated to helping you maximize the platform’s capabilities.

Step 12: Learn and Master Your Productivity

By following these steps and utilizing Sunsama’s features, you’re on your way to achieving elevated productivity. Whether you’re managing personal tasks or collaborating with a team, Sunsama empowers you to take control of your time and tasks.

Screenshot of Adding Repeating Tasks on Sunsama
Sunsama Review: Screenshot of Adding Repeating Tasks on Sunsama

Step 13: Create Repeating Tasks

To set a task to repeat, click the three buttons at the top right of the expanded add a task box, then choose “Repeat” from the dropdown menu.

Step 14: Toggle Between Calendar View or Task View

Sunsama has a dashboard that allows the switch between calendar and task views using a simple keyboard shortcut. You can also quickly find all their easy shortcuts in case you are still learning how to. So you can easily switch to a different mouse and keyboard, allowing less effort and time to save.

Screenshot of Calendar View Task View

Sunsama Integrations Review: Connect to Your Favorite Apps

Enhance your task management experience by seamlessly integrating Sunsama with your preferred applications. These integrations not only save time but also amplify your productivity. In the picture above, you’ll see that there is a plus sign on the right-hand menu sidebar.

That plus sign is what you press to connect with more integrations. If you’re like us and you work with multiple apps like Notion, ClickUp, or other apps., you can set them all up here.

Here’s how each integration can benefit your workflow:

  • Google Calendar: Sync your to do list with Google Calendar to maintain a unified schedule. Stay organized and ensure nothing goes unnoticed by directly integrating your Sunsama tasks into your Google Calendar.
  • Gmail: Connect your Gmail account for effortless task creation. Transform emails into actionable tasks, streamlining your workflow and preventing important tasks from slipping through the cracks.
  • Outlook Calendar: Integrate your Sunsama tasks with Outlook Calendar to manage your time efficiently. Stay on top of your commitments by seamlessly integrating your Sunsama tasks into your Outlook Calendar events.
  • Outlook Email: Combine your email correspondence by integrating Outlook Email. Convert important emails into tasks, enabling you to tackle your to-do list with greater focus.
  • GitHub: For developers, Sunsama’s integration with GitHub ensures that coding tasks seamlessly transition into your task management system. Bridge the gap between coding projects and task organization effortlessly.
  • Jira: Integrate Jira to streamline project management. Transform Jira tasks into actionable items on Sunsama, ensuring a cohesive tracking and completion approach.
  • Trello: Connect Trello to centralize your task management. Move tasks seamlessly between platforms, allowing you to harness Trello’s visual project management alongside Sunsama’s productivity features.
  • ClickUp: Integrate ClickUp to optimize your workflow. Combine ClickUp’s robust project management capabilities with Sunsama’s focus-oriented approach for a holistic productivity solution.
  • Slack: With Slack integration, you can seamlessly merge communication and your to-do list. Convert important Slack messages into tasks, ensuring collaboration seamlessly translates into actionable items.

Integrating these popular applications creates a unified productivity ecosystem that enhances your efficiency and ensures no commitment goes overlooked.

Customize Your Sunsama Experience: Personalize Your Workflow

Sunsama goes beyond what other productivity apps do. It’s a platform that empowers you to tailor your productivity journey to your unique preferences.

Let’s explore the customization options:

Set Your Workload Capacity

In the profile icon at the top right, you’ll find a link to “Manage Calendars” at the bottom of the menu. Once inside, click on “General” in the left menu. Here, you can specify your preferred and normal daily tasks and workload capacity.

This feature ensures the process aligns with your preferred working hours, enabling accurate scheduling and task management.

Time Zone and Time Format

Adjust the time zone and format settings to ensure Sunsama’s timestamps align with your location and preferences. This is particularly useful for maintaining accurate time-based scheduling and tracking.

Start of Week

Customize which day of the week your workweek starts on. This flexibility is ideal for users with different work schedules based on their industry or personal preferences.

Task Rollover Position:

Choose whether tasks that roll over to the next day appear at the top or bottom of the next day’s task list. This setting enhances your workflow by placing tasks exactly where you want them for easy visibility.

Focus Mode and Focus Session Reminders:

Enable or disable automatic entry into focus mode when you start a timer. Additionally, set reminders for when you should switch focus during focus sessions. These settings ensure that your work periods remain productive and aligned with your concentration levels.

Workload Threshold

Define how many hours per working day you prefer to work. Sunsama will consider this threshold when scheduling tasks and help you maintain a balanced workload.

Dark Mode and Interface Appearance

Tailor the visual appearance of Sunsama’s interface by choosing between light and dark modes. This customization allows you to create an environment that’s easy on your eyes and complements your work style.

What Makes Sunsama Productivity App Stand Out?

What sets Sunsama apart from the rest is its sleek design user-friendly interface, and a suite of features that redefine how we approach our work and maximize our output.

Intelligent Insights for Enhanced Decision-Making

Understand your work habits with Sunsama’s detailed analytics to achieve peak productivity.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration is vital. Sunsama provides tools for effective communication, task-sharing, the planning process, and real-time updates, suitable for any team size.

Intuitive Workflow Automation

With Sunsama, automate recurring tasks and ensure no important assignments are missed, allowing you to focus on priority tasks.

Tailored Productivity Boosters

Sunsama caters to individual needs. Whether you prefer detailed organization or a simple setup, it offers adaptable task templates and tags.

Seamless Mobile Experience

The modern work landscape is no longer confined to the office desk. Sunsama recognizes the need for flexibility and offers a seamless mobile experience with their web app. Manage projects and your personal tasks and projects anytime, anywhere with Sunsama’s mobile capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted productivity no matter your location.

Customer-Centric Support

Questions? Their responsive support team is ready to guide you, ensuring you maximize the platform’s benefits.

Pros and Cons


  • A user-friendly, intuitive interface designed for simplicity.
  • Adding events and tasks is effortless.
  • Use prioritizing for optimal task management.
  • You can track the time you spend on tasks (great if you use the time block technique!)
  • You can set reminders for impending events.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular productivity applications.
  • You can plan, review, and track metrics on your week.
  • You can set weekly objectives.
  • See how tasks match up with weekly objectives.


  • Requires an internet connection for full functionality.
  • A premium subscription is required for access but lacks a free tier.
  • Limited customization options for interface aesthetics.
  • Mobile application features are somewhat limited.

Sunsama vs. Other Task Management Apps

While Sunsama shines brightly in the realm of project management and list apps, it’s essential to explore how it stacks up against other to do list apps:

  • Sunsama vs. Todoist: While Todoist excels in task list management, Sunsama’s unique blend of task organization, scheduling, and collaboration sets it apart.
  • Sunsama vs. ClickUp: Sunsama’s minimalist approach provides a focused environment for individuals and teams seeking streamlined productivity without overwhelming complexity.
  • Sunsama vs. Asana: Sunsama’s strength lies in its simplicity and ability to seamlessly merge tasks and calendars, creating a cohesive productivity ecosystem.

Final Verdict: You Can Elevate Your Productivity With This Task Management App!

In an era where digital distractions and fragmented workflows are the norm, Sunsama rises as a sanctuary of organization and focus. Whether you’re a multitasking professional, a project-driven team, or an individual seeking to regain control of your time, with all your productivity tools, Sunsama offers the means to elevate your productivity. With its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and commitment to efficiency, Sunsama is more than just a task management app and productivity tool; it’s a game-changer in how you approach your work and life.

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Sunsama FAQs

How does Sunsama work?

Sunsama is a task management tool that centralizes time management efforts. It offers features like daily and weekly planning and effective task management.

Is there a free Sunsama?

Sunsama currently lacks an unlimited free plan and has no intentions of introducing one in the future.

Is Sunsama Good for ADHD?

This minimalist task management application focuses on centralizing your time management efforts. Sunsama stands out with its distinctive features centered around daily planning and effective management.

How to use Sunsama for ADHD?

With Sunsama, crafting tasks is a breeze. Gradually ticking off items from your task list paves the way for a seamless transition to your next endeavor.

What are the benefits of Sunsama?

It excels in facilitating efficient time management, boasting a straightforward interface among its many attributes. This tool empowers you to structure your day with quantifiable objectives, culminating in a sense of accomplishment as you conclude your tasks. Sunsama remains dedicated to fostering peak performance.

What is the difference between Sunsama and routine?

Routine presents a dedicated “Today View,” presenting tasks within a unified timeframe. Sunsama, on the other hand, furnishes a space to read and envisage your day, incorporating crucial tasks and calendar events.

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