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Top 10 Free Android Apps to Boost Your Twitter Functionality

With the right set of apps, you can quickly expand the functionality of your Twitter account accessed on an Android device. You can also use the apps to retool the social media site more creatively to your convenience. More so, you can do all these for free by downloading these apps from Google Play.

Owly for Twitter 

Created by: Leviway Development

Through Owly, you can get around Twitter’s character limit and express yourself freely with longer tweets. It has templates that you can customize to tweet more effectively. With Owly, you can also customize the Twitter interface itself and its design elements. You can change the fonts, apply themes, and even manage your feed by filtering certain topics from your timeline.


Created by: Dimension HQ

Twidere enables you to banish ads or certain Twitter users you don’t care to see on your timeline. The new distraction-free environment could mean tremendously improving your tweeting experience. Alternatively, you can use Albatross for Twitter, which is similar to Twidere.

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram 

Hootsuite is the go-to Android app for a high-performing social media manager or business user. With Hootsuite, you can streamline the workings of multiple social media accounts, including your Instagram and Facebook accounts. For Twitter, you can schedule tweets with Hootsuite. You can also cross-reply to messages from different social networking sites by collating the messages in one feed for ease of assigning to members of your team.

Video Downloader for Twitter – Save Video & GIF 

Created by: NiceApps Studio

This super-useful digital tool lets you download videos and GIFs from tweets and save the files to your device. It also allows you to choose which video resolution you want to download.

Friendly For Twitter (Friendly App Studio)

Created by: Friendly App Studio

This app minimizes the battery-draining features of Twitter but without actually skimping on them. Friendly for Twitter helps keep your device on the go longer without charging. There are options to turn off background tasks and disable notifications, plus a whole lot of optimization options to conserve battery power.    

Metal for Facebook & Twitter 

Created by: Nam Nghiem

Metal works like the Friendly app, but with a slick and stylish interface for a lightweight 3MB file size. With Facebook, Metal allows you to reduce data usage by removing ads from your newsfeed. Metal appears as a floating dashboard with all the notifications readily accessible to you while keeping tabs on other running apps (such as a game) in the background.  

Followers+ for Twitter

Created by: Innovatty, LLC

This free app enables you to track who has unfollowed you, detect mutual friends, and so much more. Followers+ for Twitter also has a counterpart for Instagram. The app is called InstaFollow for Instagram.

Fly — Analytics for Twitter (VoidStudio)

Created by: VoidStudio

This powerful analytics app allows you to monitor engagement on your tweets and the follower growth — or unfollowing activities — surrounding them. Fly displays all the analytics tools and results on a neat, cleanly designed dashboard. A great alternative to Fly is Twitonomy.

Follower Analyzer for Twitter 

Created by: Yeganeh Inc.

This app rapidly analyzes Twitter accounts and assigns a rank to them based on interactions with other users and the content of their tweets. In short, Follower Analyzer for Twitter helps you recognize suspicious accounts (such as bots and fake users) more easily.

Bottom Line

Enrich your Twitter experience by downloading any of these apps depending on your needs. All 10 apps can be safely downloaded for free from Google Play.

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