About Us

Meet The Founders

Dennis Jost, M. Sc.

Co-Founder | Business Technology Expert

As co-founder of Kulana Media, Dennis Jost brings over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and digital expertise.

With a background in web development coding languages like PHP, React, and MySQL, Dennis is skilled at integrating e-commerce, CRM systems, and cloud services into seamless digital solutions. His proficiency in digital marketing and SEO reflects his comprehensive understanding of the online business sphere.

Dennis is passionate about driving business success through hands-on consulting. He has turned ideas into profitable ventures by managing operations, streamlining workflows, and building scalable technical architectures. His adaptable, resilient and strategic approach helps startups launch and scale.

At Kulana Media, Dennis leverages his technical knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to empower digital entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to helping teams achieve their goals through technology and innovation.

With his solutions-oriented mindset, Dennis enables companies to leverage emerging digital capabilities while optimizing their online presence. He brings the skills and vision to keep Kulana Media on the cutting edge.

Mona Kirstein, Ph.D.

Co-Founder | Digital Strategist

As a co-founder of Kulana Media, Mona Kirstein brings over two decades of entrepreneurial drive and expertise in digital strategy.

With an academic background in data processing and software development and a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, with a strong focus on applying computational methods in language processing, Mona has a deep understanding of emerging technologies and leveraging data to inform business solutions.

Throughout her career, Mona has proven herself an adaptable and resilient leader, spearheading digital marketing and SEO ventures. Her passion for innovation informs her strategic approach.

At Kulana Media, Mona combines her technical prowess with a commitment to making technologies accessible. She provides holistic consulting focused on entrepreneurial well-being and mentors fellow entrepreneurs in integrating new tech into their game plans.

Mona steers Kulana Media to the cutting edge of innovation and inclusivity. With unrelenting curiosity, she continues exploring the digital landscape while empowering her team and collaborating with partners. Mona leads with vision and purpose, hatching new ideas and guiding Kulana Media into the future.