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We help businesses succeed online by guiding them to grow, innovate, and lead in digital media.

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Welcome to Kulana Media, based in the vibrant heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. We help businesses succeed online by guiding them to grow, innovate, and lead in digital media.

Our resource hub is tailored for ambitious digital entrepreneurs. Explore articles, guides, and expert advice on digital strategies, technologies, software, and AI.

We empower you to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Our knowledge and tools help you:

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Increase Your
Online Presence

Reach More

Convert Visitors
Into Customers

Optimize Workflows
with AI

Your Business

Maximize Your
Online Potential

Start and Scale Your Online Business With Digital Solutions, Digital Marketing, and AI Tools

How We Can Help

Our team lives and breathes digital marketing and high-impact web design. We’ll help you:

  • Craft a website that captures attention and converts visitors
  • Get found online with SEO strategies that drive traffic
  • Create content that engages your audience
  • Run smart campaigns across search, social, and more
  • Make data-driven decisions to dominate your niche
  • Stay agile with cutting-edge tech like AI

With our digital experience and marketing firepower, we’re ready to unlock your online potential.

Ready to build your thriving digital empire?

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Mobile Application Development

We developed over 150 apps for Android and iOS downloaded which were downloaded almost 10 million times.

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Web Technology Solutions

With 24 years of experience building and designing websites, web-based software, and e-commerce applications, we are experts in the field.

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Knowledge-Sharing for Online Entrepreneurs

We know everything about starting and scaling an online business, digital marketing, SEO, AI tools, etc., and we love seeing businesses succeed online.


At Kulana Media, we’re not just experts — we’re your all-access pass to digital success.

Our top-notch services blend innovative web development and kick-butt digital marketing tailored to take your biz from zero to industry hero.

Through our hand-picked resource hub, we dish out practical how-to’s, insider tips, and next-level AI tools to boost your strategies. We don’t just stick to the status quo – we embrace futuristic digital strategies so your biz can dominate today AND tomorrow.

Let us guide you on the ultimate entrepreneur adventure – where technology, innovation, and expertise merge to make your vision a blockbuster reality.

20+ Years of Entrepreneurial Experience

Developed over 150 Apps and 500 Web Projects

Expertise in Cutting-Edge Technologies

who We Are

Kulana Media Productions LLC was founded in 2010 by Dennis Jost, M.Sc., and Mona) Kirstein, Ph.D., when they combined their expertise and three of their previous companies to form one powerful multimedia company.

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